Apple Mac OS X Server v10.3 - Unlimited Client Full Retail Box
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Apple Mac OS X Server v10.3 - Unlimited Client Part#:M9236Z/A
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With Mac OS X Server v10.3, Apple has integrated popular open source software technologies and created innovative management tools to make it easy to provide powerful standards-based server solutions. With over 150 new features, including centralized directory and authentication for Mac and Windows clients, Mac OS X Server is a comprehensive platform that is ideal for corporate and educational institutions. This Unlimited-client edition of Apple's award-winning UNIX-based server operating system is the most cost-effective way to support your Mac and Windows workgroups.

Cross-platform file and print services
Native file and print services for Mac, Windows and Linux are built-in so you can give everyone access to storage space on the server and shared Postscript and raster (inkjet) printers. You can even host home directories on the server, allowing users to access their documents and personal settings from any platform, anywhere on the network. Per-user disk and print quotas allow you to manage use of network resources across your organization.

Directory services and authentication
Mac OS X Server features Open Directory 2, a robust, scalable directory services architecture based entirely on open standards. The integrated authentication authority uses Kerberos to provide strong authentication and single sign-on to authorized network resources. Open Directory also features integrated PDC services--using Samba 3--for providing Windows workgroups with login and authentication services, roaming profiles, and network home directories. Open Directory 2 can be replicated across multiple network servers for scalability and maximum service availability.

License Information

  • License Pricing Standard
  • License Quantity 1 Server
  • Unlimited Client
  • License Type Complete Product


  • Item #: M9236Z/A - SDS
  • Manufacturer: Apple

Apple Mac OS X Server v10.3 - Unlimited Client Full Retail Box

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