Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 (5-24 user) License
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Symantec Ghost Soultion Suite 2.5 Licenses - 5 to 24 Users

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry's most widely-used enterprise imaging and deployment solution with ease-of-use for managing the entire PC lifecycle including OS deployment, software distribution, PC migration and retirement. It reduces IT costs by streamlining networked desktop and laptop management in an enterprise environment.

This product is a License that only ships directly from Symantec to the end-user customer. Delivery from Symantec takes approximately 3 to 8 days. There is no overnight delivery from Symantec.

Administrators can now choose to create and deploy entire operating systems, application packages, user "personalities," security "hot fixes" using either file- or sector-based imaging technology. Additionally a unique file preservation capability preserves the Client Staging Area's contents during a restore, thereby maintaining a local backup and recovery image for an original state recovery. With the Ghost Client installed, there's no need to visit the target PC in order to conduct routine deployment or maintenance.

Centralized and remote management, a Client Staging Area, local cloning support, and multicast file transfer enable fast and easy PC management. From the Symantec Ghost central management console, IT managers can quickly deploy whole application packages or specific PC changes such as registry changes or desktop settings. Symantec Ghost provides a secure software solution that empowers IT administrators to migrate operating system and application settings, and user data quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Ghost Solution Suite Features:


  • Deployment of New Systems

    Utilizing Symantec Ghost users can easily create an image of a PC, utilizing file or sector based imaging technology, and simultaneously deploy hundreds of PCs across the network in minutes.

  • Migration of User Data and Settings

    Symantec Client Migration provides a fast and easy way to safeguard and transfer PC settings and data from one PC to another or on an existing PC during an OS upgrade. Symantec Client Migration also offers a unique choice of either an administrator push model, or an end-user Web self-service model. The solution is ideal for organizations that need to maintain PC personality settings during a Windows migration or PC upgrade. Extensive security features include 128-bit SSL encryption for data transfers.

  • Built-in inventory capabilities for targeted deployments

    Basic hardware and software inventory capability enables administrators to design provisioning tasks based on specific client attributes from a central console.

  • Refreshing and Updating Systems

    By combining the powerful tools contained in Symantec Ghost Solution Suite you can address the need to perform a clean install or system refresh to a user's PC environment without losing the user's data, settings and preferences.

  • Retirement and Disposal of PCs

    Gdisk provides a solution that meets the levels of secure data disposal for Department of Defense (DOD) standards. The solution ensures confidential data cannot be recovered from recycled, retired or leased PCs.


    The minimum hardware and software requirements to run Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 vary according to the components you install.

    Symantec Ghost Console
    The minimum requirements for running the Symantec Ghost Console are as follows:
    • Pentium processor
    • VGA monitor, 800 x 600 screen resolution
    • One of the following: Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Professional/Server SP4, Windows XP Professional SP1a, Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise
    Note: Symantec Ghost has been tested with the service packs listed above. We recommend that you install the latest service packs available from Microsoft.

    Ghost executable
    You can run Ghost.exe on a computer with the following minimum requirements:
    • IBM PC computer or 100% compatible
    • 486 processor
    • 16 MB RAM
    • VGA monitor
    • Microsoft-compatible mouse recommended
    • One of the following: PC DOS as included with Symantec Ghost, MS DOS
    You can run Ghost32.exe on Microsoft WinPE.

    Symantec Ghost Console client
    The minimum requirements for running the Symantec Ghost Console client are as follows:
    • Networked computer with Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000 Professional/95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6
    • Single boot system
    • Can have more than one physical disk, but backup functionality supports the first physical disk only
    • DOS drivers for network card
    AutoInstall and Incrementation Backups have the following support limitations:
    • Windows 9x/NT platforms are not supported.
    • You can only capture only 32-bit applications on x64 platforms.
    • 64-bit applications are not supported.

    Standard Tools
    The minimum requirements for running the Symantec Ghost Standard Tools are as follows:
    • Pentium processor
    • VGA monitor, 800 x 600 screen resolution
    One of the following:
    • Windows Vista/XP Professional/Me/98
    • Windows NT 4.0 SP6a with Internet Explorer 5.0 installed
    • Windows 2000 Professional/Server
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise Edition

  • Item #: 13882280-SDS
  • Manufacturer: Symantec - Norton

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 (5-24 user) License

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